Who We Are

Parable exists to educate and inspire
women to dig deep into their unique stories and use them
to find healing in their lives.


With resources and a supportive community, both online and in-person, we believe that women will have the space to explore how their unique journey is simply an analogy for the human condition. It is our hope, that through that parallel, women will have the courage to share, heal, and connect.

Megan Glenn


I am a black woman. Whatever was the first definition that came to your mind re: that statement, is probably not true of me. I am the pieces of a dysfunctional family, held together by convenience, comfort, responsibility, obligation, and well... love. Stories are important to me. I have, for too long, felt that I was only to be seen and not heard. I believed that my story wasn’t powerful enough, relevant enough, difficult enough. I don’t anymore. I am a mother. Different and the same as the mother who bore me and the ones who have mothered me. I am imperfect, yet all the things that make me: the curve of my hip like the lip of a vase, narrowing and then expanding into the wide bust of its shape, the bounce in my curl like the discarded shaving of a whittler’s figurine, the blade of my tongue, sharp enough to pierce, yet precise enough to cut away facades, the clarity of my mind, wiped free of the fingerprints that were left when others grappled and contorted my words into disfigured constructs of their understanding... all of these things, they continue to be perfected as I live out, and tell my story.