• Megan Glenn


I know many of you have been waiting to hear/see my response to the events that took place last Wednesday and frankly, I didn’t plan on writing anything. I didn’t plan on making a statement because the statement it made on it’s own, didn’t require my commentary.

I’ve been very vocal for nearly a year about my stance on systemic racism, police brutality, Kamala She-Ain’t-For-Us Harris, and how large corporations have egregiously missed the mark with their pseudo diversity/inclusion campaigns.

I am tired.

I’m tired of conversations that pit black lives against a system that was built to keep us out.

I’m tired of explaining all of the ways that society has exacted their hate for us.

And... in the last few days, I’ve tired very quickly of the “protestor vs. terrorist” conversation.

I’m tired.

Their revolution has been televised for half a century and yet we hear them proclaim that this is uncharacteristic of this “land of the free, home of the brave” a place where hate is incited when we take a knee, where they spit on our graves.

What more can we say?

Even when we record them saying and doing it, it’s quickly awash with their white tears and their white guilt and their white promises to be better.

I’m done talking about what’s on the news this week.

The only conversations I want to have are with my people.

The only thing I want to talk about is strategy.

The only words I’ll utter will be plain. Not tangled with rhetoric or semantics.

I’m too tired to keep repeating the same thing into this tunnel of self-righteousness. My echo never returns.

What more can I say?


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