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These photos are only like 1/32 of AAALLLLLL the photos I flipped through. I grew up looking through these albums and I love that they thought to capture so many of these moments. They're not sitting in a phone or on a roll of film somewhere. They're in books, beneath the sticky plastic that holds each photo in place. These photos are the makings of a legacy, captured.

L to R: Me, Poppa, my cry baby cousin Dion.

My dope ass Grandy (grandma) on her wedding day

Grandy and me (I'm pissed in all my baby pics).

L to R: Grandy, Poppa, Auntie Andrea (my dad's little sister).

L to R: Poppa, Grandy, Auntie Andrea, my fine ass daddy (in the back).

Guys come on, how fly is this couple??

Poppa, as a young whipper-snapper.

L to R: Poppa, his brother (I think), and no idea who these other two jive turkeys are. Papa loved to use the phrase "jive turkey" to describe folks.

I mean, come ON! How cute are they??

Me and Dion were inseparable as little tikes.

That top left tho haha! Ooh, I was sassy! Middle left: Papa and us.

L to R: Nana (Grandy's mom, my great grandmother), me, Dion (everything was Ninja turtles those days), and Poppa (watching tv haha).

If it ain't THIS, I don't want it.

L to R: Cousin April, my brother Tylor (pissed), Dion (candid), me (always silly), Grandy.

Grandy and Papa's house (where I practically grew up).

More photos of their house in Diamond Bar (where they hosted all the parties) and their fly ass Benz.

The finishing stages of the house being built.

Cue Jagged Edge's "Where The Party At".

Poppa comin' through with that drip.

My fine ass daddy with his ashy ass knees.

L to R: Grandy, dad, Auntie Andrea, Bridget (step mom), and little me at the bottom.

L to R: No idea and my Auntie comin' through with the bomb smile and the sexy crop cut.

I mean, they WENT places, you hear me??

"Say cheese!!"

L to R: Cousins - Mia, me (like, why??), don't remember her name, Jamel. In front: Devonte and Dion.

Me (about to get a whoopin', I'm sure), Grandy, Dion.

L to R: Poppa, Dion, Grandy.

Another fire party. No one else matters in the picture except fierce ass cousin Jai with no chill.

Dion was always the center of attention at parties: "Come on, dance, man!" (his nickname was 'man', don't ask))

Poppa and my fine ass daddy on his wedding day.

My mom in her wedding dress, my Auntie Andrea to the left, no idea who everyone else is.

Look at this baddy!

She wasn't centerfold of Jet magazine for nothing! And that's facts. Poppa was just tryna keep up with ya girl!

Guys, this woman is an every day #mood.

Come on hair! Come on dress! Come on shoes!

Tell me your grandparents were this fly! Ya lyin'!!

If it ain't this?? Nah.

Grandy, Auntie Andrea, my adorable ass daddy, Poppa.

"I'm sorry... you were saying?" #suitedandbooted

Top left: Grandy and Poppa. Idk who the other people are, but they came through DRIPPIN'!

This was their 30th wedding anniversary... and they did 23 more. Sheesh!

A memento from their 50th wedding anniversary.

Idk where they are, but they stayed flewed out.

Grandy and Poppa's first date.


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