• Megan Glenn



Intent on being unbothered, I think therefore I am

A man or a bag, I could do without that

As a matter of fact, anything that has my attention — has been allowed

Y’all like “wow”, that’s why I let you take the bow

Even with a child — I still do better, look better, a trend setter to the letter

Yet I don’t speak on it

I’m on IG, but I don’t really BE on it

“Real niggas move in silence” — like Burna Boy said

Even when I’m turnin your heads, you don’t know how I stay fed

And that’s intentional

I’m unconventional, you’re inconsequential

So even though you see me, I stay confidential

I’m not often gentle with my delivery

But do you want a lie or do you want me?

Physically, I’m a stallion

But I’m not that Meg, I’m a battalion

I don’t cover my mouth when its words are inconvenient

Whatever comes from my mouth, trust that I mean it

This ain’t clean, it’s explicit

I elicit depth even from the shallow

I don’t follow, I lead

I’m the team, but I’ll put you in, coach

We can see what’s in the cards, but I always play it close

Don’t approach if you’re insecure

Because I’ll be sure to call you out

My clout comes undercover

Danny Glover, I’m lethal

Others want to be superior, but at best they’re my equals

They wanted to be the first, but after me, they’re just the sequel

I peeped you

You need me

I breathe deep — yet there’s no waiting to exhale

I always prevail

Those other women are on sale, but I’m that new shit

They tried to play Beyoncé, but they’re just Blue, shit

This confidence, it — didn’t come without struggle

It didn’t come without hustle

Its birthplace is humble

I don’t need to one up

Though I’m often the upgrade

The update — is available

If you’re not about the business, then my hours are billable

I’m not DTF

And I’m not a PDF

But you’re feelin me, so you know this PYT is “feelable”

I don’t deal with fools

I don’t have a tool

But I always shoot my shot

I don‘t need to know what’s over there, I’m pleased with what I got

I’m a lot, but never too much

I’m hot, you’re tempted to touch

Y’all be at the top and it’s never enough

The material things keep people stuck

Running on luck ‘cause you’re lazy

I’m fueled by God and the grind, so your doubt doesn’t faze me

This whole thing is crazy, I can’t even explain it

God paved it, my success is on His consent

🖕🏽a man, I am the bag

So I always stay content


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