• Kortni Celine

Golden Hour

Your lips are like gold

The words drip from them like honey

Covering every inch of my body

Pulling me into you and caressing me softly

Sweet nothings whispered under your breath

Remind me morning is coming early

But the one thing at the forefront of my mind is pressing up against my body

Brushing against my neck

It plays a smooth transition as it intoxicates the next part of my anatomy

Gliding down my chest and forming like covers over my breasts

Little do you know all desires have already been met

Like the rain has covered the rainforest

You have covered me in your honey

The sweet, sticky words that fall from your lips have devoured me

Put together so effortlessly

You had no idea that your words were undressing me

Falling to the floor were all my insecurities

All of this done

By your sweet sweet honey


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