• Megan Glenn

Influence This: A Woman's Prerogative

“It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.”

Frankly, it’s a woman’s prerogative to do whatever the hell she wants. I thought those exact words as I sat, staring blankly at my screen, trying desperately to write on the topic “Why Don’t We…?” Despite campaigning for this next series in short posts for the past few weeks, I haven’t written any actual content for it. ::WHOOPS:: But honestly, if you knew what was happening behind the scenes of this blog and my regular Instagram posts, you’d be like “What, in the entire EFF, are you doing Megs??” And to that, I would politely respond, “Handlin’ bidness.” A little peek into that “bidness,” is this: several job interviews a week (all at least an hour away), apartment hunting, subbing, raising the most talkative 3-year-old in all of America and some small countries, writing, posting on IG, going to the gym, interviewing influencers, being a friend (kinda… I’m so sorry friends), going to church, went on a retreat (like, what??), and drinking my body’s required amount of water (which means I pee a freaking LOT… and who has time for that with my schedule??). My life is FULL. No. My life is overflowing. My life is freaking KATRINA, do you hear me?? And ugh, it’s so stressful sometimes, but at the end of the day when I’m DONE done, I know that I’m investing into my future; into a legacy that my daughter will own and continue to build in her own way, someday. I can’t stop now. Not in the middle of these birth pangs. Not when I’m finally pushing through the pain and feeling the life of something amazing on its way. I just can’t.

That’s why I chose to partner with Zoe Elle Co. to interview and write about these women who are influencing the world. I relate to them on such a deep, spiritual level. When I hear their stories, I’m like “Same, girl. Same!” And I could cry because the whole purpose behind this blog is to help women see that they’re not alone. Other women. Not me. Yet, here I am, benefitting from that mission and it’s just blowing me away. It is through our nurturing, our loving, our ability to birth (children and ideas), the peace that we exude when we’re walking in our purpose, that gives us the authority to influence. The women (and men) we’ve had the opportunity to converse with aren’t proud from the perspective of superiority. Rather, proud from the perspective of satisfaction in doing something they’re called to. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a hard thing. Especially when society is telling women they shouldn’t be in the workplace and then telling us we’re not capable of creating our own livelihood outside of the workplace and then tearing down the ways in which we pursue it (ex. influencing). But somehow, it’s still our prerogative. We’re still choosing to “handle bidness” in the midst of the struggle. So get ready for this next series! I have a feeling it’s going to take us all on a wild ride! Click the photo to listen to and read our first interview with the owner of JACQUIE. cosmetics, Jacquie Kuntze, who has inspired us by sharing how she created and built her business ethically and organically!!