• Megan Glenn

Influence This: Absolute Body Positivity

I was a chubby kid.

Honestly, I was also a chubby teenager… and then a chubby adult. Except when you’re an adult, they don’t call it chubby anymore -- they just call it fat. I became an adult before the age of “plus size” and “full figured.” I didn’t have access to the same cute outfits that I saw on razor thin models. I was lucky to find something halfway cute that covered my arms and didn’t dare show a piece of my leg. I was ashamed of my body and even though I’ve worked hard to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight now, it would have been a much shorter road if I had been given the space to love myself as I was.

“Body positivity” is more than a trend. It’s an entire mindset reset. Rather than rejecting healthy living, its principles are founded on fully accepting who people are, individually. No matter where you are in your journey toward holistic health (not just physical), being body positive means that you are enough. It’s a CELEBRATION of who you are and the body that you live in.

When I encounter women who are creating space and busting wide the floodgates of the traditional mindset toward women, it takes me way back to the days when I would say “If I could just look like, be like, act like THAT girl, I’d…” And it gives me closure. Heals another scar. Makes the journey worth it. I had a life-giving conversation with @toya.alicia about her swimsuit brand “nUde,” a couple weeks ago, and I was so encouraged by her pursuit of all things bold, authentic, and feminine. Go check out more photos of her swimsuit line and my latest article by clicking her photo!!