• Megan Glenn

Influence This: Communities of Women

“If girls run the world, community is our scepter.” -- Me

I belong to various “communities.” The neighborhood I live in, the church I attend, my Instagram hashtags, the blogger community, the poet/spoken word community, etc. But what I mean, when I expound on the value of “community,” is the place where we interact most frequently. This kind of necessary community is one where we are intentional with other women; where we participate in the ebb and flow of communication and learning and growing, through sharing our story. I can’t imagine going through life without the relationships in those spaces because they enable me to be my most authentic self and empower me to be even greater than that. Bottom line: Find your community of women and dig in.

Also, go check out our video interview and the article I wrote about #bossbabe, Britney Jeanine! This woman was inspired by her own community to create a business that supports #fempreneurs as they build their brand. I was blown away by the candid story that led to her success and her genuine desire to see connectedness in communities of women.

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