• Megan Glenn

Influence This: Mila & Fire, Femme Entrepreneurs

Why do we talk ourselves out of good things? I can literally be in the middle of a moment, enjoying all the goodness that I prayed for, prepared for, worked hard for… and then convince myself that it’s not enough. That I need to do more, prepare more, fix this or that, relentlessly, until I completely ruin the moment. Building a startup company is filled with moments of self-doubt. When you work in Corporate America, you’re surrounded by people who (hopefully) affirm you and your work. But when you’re building something from the ground, up… in a field that not many people have marketed on (which means you have few people to compare yourself to), it’s challenging to know whether or not you’ve hit your mark. That’s a terrifying place to exist in every day of your life. That’s why we totally understand why Mila & Fire would decide to re-navigate their vintage vibe in the middle of a whirlwind of success. A decision that took them way off the mark.

We need those moments though. We need humbling moments that re-calibrate and remind us why we did the thing in the first place. They affirm in us, who we want to be and who we definitely DON’T want to be. Check out the latest interview and article in Zoe Elle Co’s Influence This series about the amazing fempreneurs behind Mila & Fire. We are so inspired by their tenacity and down-to-earth perspective, we know you will be too!! (Click the first photo to be redirected to the Influence This page)