• Megan Glenn


We never miss them until they’re gone

Songs we used to dance to become memorials for a life lost

The cost of our busyness is a broken heart

The art of memories is that we don’t know when they’ll next pop up

Poppa, I could say a thousand shoulds, but I won’t

Notes of your love are etched in my mind

I keep rewinding the time back to simpler days

And all the ways I admired your quiet strength

The lengths you went to to secure your legacy

That was never lost on me

We understood that your years of service to your country and your family meant that you’d earned the right to sit

Sitting on your chair like a throne

Sowing seeds into your children and grandchildren

When will we show appreciation for those who came before?

We adored you

Too often I forgot to say it

But -- I remember

Silent rides and notes of jazz

Time passed as you drummed your fingers on the steering wheel

I still hear the deep bellow of your voice as you told us kids to “HYSH!!”

For years my everyday life included you

We KNEW each other

I wonder if you saw yourself the way I did

Kids always see straight to the heart

A part of me, as your first grandchild, will always see us like that

The fact is, I don’t ever want to see you differently

How quickly we gather for this kind of thing, but never to catch up

Let us snatch up the moments we have left

Accepting that forever could end in a second

A lesson in thankfulness for the lives of those we love

From above, he looks upon us

Just hoping that we don’t take this loss for granted

Granted, life is busy

We are missing opportunities for more memories

An epiphany came to me about this…

I miss -- you all now… let us not wait until another is gone


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