• Megan Glenn


I am NOT voting for Trump. After I received several “likes” on my posts on Friday regarding Kamala, I started to wonder if people actually understood what I was saying. After a very passionate (on my end) conversation with a friend, I realized my mistake. I didn’t say the very first sentence of this post. Understand me: I WILL never support Trump. I HAVE never supported Trump. I did NOT vote for Trump 4 years ago.

The truth is, I don’t trust politicians on either side. And while I did support Obama, voted for him, and miss him today, there were things that he missed too. However, the greatest thing that Obama did, was understand black people. And whatever he didn’t understand, he sought to understand. I can’t say the same for either candidate running in this presidential election.

So maybe you’re wondering why I would make the bold statement that I do not support Kamala as our black savior. First, I see her as a pawn. Biden doesn’t care about black people, Biden wants to be president. And in the same way that white people have stepped on the backs of black people to look down at the rest of us, they continue with Kamala. Her track record has proven that her agenda for the black community does not align with our needs as a people. I don’t support that.

What I do believe, is that it is now more important than ever, that we (the people… all of the U.S.) mobilize. The executive and legislative branches rely on US to vote. Not just for the president, but for policies that turn into bills that turn into law. I’m imploring my community to pay attention. Do NOT shine a light on these candidates for this election and then turn it off and go back to bed. Stand watch. Learn as much as you can about all candidates and what we can do in either situation.

I remember the first time I voted. It was Kerry and Bush. Obviously Bush won and I was devastated. I felt like my vote didn’t matter and I let my discouragement keep me from getting involved in politics because it felt rigged. It felt like all of this build up for a let-down. And I’ll be honest, when I have discussion with the right, that feeling bubbles up in me again.

I can’t believe that so many people are blind to what is happening. Many of the right are choosing Trump because they ACTUALLY believe in him… not just because there’s no better option. I feel like that meme where the white guy shakes his head and blinks his eyes in bewilderment. In my mind, Trump followers should have faded out with Hummers and cigarette smokers. To this day, when I see a Hummer on the freeway or someone standing outside of a shop smoking, I think to myself, “They still exist?? Did they miss the memo??”

I understand politics. Many of the promises that both sides make during their running campaigns, don’t come to fruition. Or, they’re magically put into action when it’s time to run again. I understand that both sides end up making strides that are beneficial.

The right and left can argue all day about who did what and what they plan to do, but what matters to black voters today is: can a revolution happen on your watch? We don’t want “change” anymore. Small strides in the general direction of equality. No. We don’t want to reorganize what already exists. We want to tear the shit down and start a-fucking-gain.

Can we do that with a man who is openly racist? Who creates irrational fear? Who tells us to drink bleach for a virus that he doesn’t even believe in? Who pretends he’s a church goer, but doesn’t respect women? OPENLY? I mean, it’s literally a mockery of the people who voted for him. How they don’t feel embarrassed by that, is beyond me.

Trump has exacerbated the racial climate. You wanna know why he’s made ANY strides in the black community? Because we march. Because we yell. Because we create civil unrest. WE do that. And he doesn’t even attempt to pretend like he supports our voices… the people whom he works for.

So if I have to take my chances with Biden, who (despite his 8 years in office with Obama) constantly fumbles over his own racial biases, lacks cultural awareness, and lacks the understanding of black (and brown) issues, we’ll take it. Unenthusiastically, but still a better option.

So let me be clear, while I have serious concerns about whether or not Biden is ready to take on all of the pressing issues that black voters are hoping for and I don’t believe that Kamala will be our second Obama or our black savior, I think that we can see some progress under their leadership. I think that the black community will have more energy and more freedom to push for revolution. But hear this: YOU… WE are the saviors. Whether you’re an ally or a part of the black community, pay attention… educate yourself.


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