• Megan Glenn

Note To Self

Note to self

Wealth will not cloak the nakedness of truth

I’ve got proof

The - roof crumbled on that castle of lies

A - consolation prize for true joy

Coy is that devil spelled happiness

Note to self

Happy isn’t the same thing as satisfied

I -- self-gratified with things that would make kindle

A window into my mind and you’d find the ashes of money spent

Hell bent on fashioning copies of other people’s lives

They’re -- lies

Note to self

Don’t lie about your worth

It’ll never birth resemblance to your actual value

How you fix your mouth to -- say “I am” dot dot dot

Has a lot to do with where you fix your eyes

Note to self

Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder

I -- thought I’d look much older before I needed to hold myself accountable

The insurmountable weight of life’s choices

The -- voices in my head say “Sit down, you’ve been found. Quit acting lost.”

Note to self

You win some, you lose many more

At the core of pride -- is fear

Fear of rejection, fear of the lesson, fear of getting less when you prayed for more

But at the core of some of those losses, was a win

Let that sink in

Note to self

That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach is the result of your diet

I’ve tried it all

My consumption of empty promises and fatty expectations has left me starved

You cannot carve a slice of something that doesn’t exist, boo

Note to self

I do not exist for the entertainment of the masses

That’s just facts, sis

This smile does not perform

And it’s not the norm for my ass to make appearances

Yes, I’m serious

Note to self

Take others’ truth seriously, even if it’s not true

Who has time to unwind and unpack someone’s delusion?

Besides, they’ll spell out their real truth in -- due time

Note to self

Time is of the essence

And though I’m not pressed, this -- life is not all there is


Wealth, happiness, worth, beauty, success, mental/physical health, image, relationships

Whatever your equations is, if the math is wrong… how can you tell?

Note to self...

-- MG

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