• Megan Glenn


We didn’t realize that the pandemic was within ourselves

A hell that was silently spreading from one to the next

Using sex to heal STD

Sexually transmitted depression

We don’t learn the lesson, we just cheat

We eat organic and we fuck GMOs

Who are we?

Not connected

Not respected

But what do we expect when we’d rather TikTok than take our time

You don’t love them, you’re lonely

Sitting behind phony photos of you living your “best life”, but it’s only mediocre at best

You’ll take that COVID test, but forget to study your life

Wifey material isn’t material

Serial daters think they’re keeping their options open

But they’re just open, hopin’ to find the one while they’re emotionally closed off

There’s no cost to admit that you’re broken

Except your pride

Except your toxicity

Except your clout

Except your facade

What’ll we do when there’s no one to applaud us

When we’re no longer gods

What are the odds that we’ll actually find happiness

… that couple goals begin with self goals

… that wholeness doesn’t exist within someone else

Healthy boundaries are the bag

Red flags are not opportunities for fixers

Stop blaming your excursions on the liquor

Your “I Voted” sticker and air fryer don’t make you immune

Be in tune with you

Who knew that “stay at home” meant living with the virus?

It nearly wiped us out

We couldn’t wait to go outside

To hide in plain sight from the truth

“New year, new…” right?

But you’re still you

Still… who?

I’ll let you wax on

Even though you should “mask off”

We didn’t realize that the pandemic was within us

Lol, but -- you know, #Respectfully


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